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Growth and Change in Volunteering at SOH

Growth and Change in Volunteering at SOH

Adjusting to social distancing isn’t the only change happening with volunteering at the SOH right now, but it is a change that has revealed how dedicated our volunteers are to supporting survivors. This month, we sat down with Lisa and Camille to talk about how volunteering is adapting, and to share some exciting news. Please introduce yourselves.Camille: My name is Camille Rodrigues. My pronouns are she/her/hers; they is cool too. I’m the Volunteer Training and Hotline Manager. My daily tasks include communicating with volunteers, recruiting new volunteers, interviewing them, enrolling…

Learn More About the SOH Counseling Center Staff

We are proud of how the Signs of Hope Counseling Center continues to grow. We’ve added 25 weekly counseling hours, allowing us to serve more survivors of sexual violence than ever before. We are now able to offer counseling appointments 5 days a week, for people of all ages, in three languages (English, Spanish, and Farsi). We’re also able to provide support groups for adults, teens, parents of survivors, and survivors of trafficking, as well as specialized therapeutic services like weekly yoga and art therapy for survivors. You can learn…

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