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Signs of Hope is fortunate to have a dedicated and diverse staff with varied backgrounds and expertise.


Macy Haverda

Interim Executive Director
Macy joined Signs of HOPE as Interim Executive Director in July 2022. Before joining the SOH staff, Macy was a nonprofit management consultant and an interim executive director with the ACLU of Nevada. She is also the President of the Wild West Access Fund of Nevada, working to minimize barriers to abortion and on public education campaigns about chemical abortion. Macy is dedicated to increasing access to Signs of Hope’s clients and fighting the systems that have brought them here.

Contact Macy Haverda: macy@sohlv.org

Lachell G.

Development Coordinator
Lachell joined Signs of HOPE staff in November 2021. Her devotion to people and her eagerness to support the community was the inspiration behind Lachell becoming a part of the SOH staff. With over 15 years of business management and development experience, Lachell brings the knowledge needed to support and manage donor relation, fundraising, as well as provide support to the Board of Directors. New to the non-profit world, Lachell is excited about her role within the SOH family.

Contact Lachell: lachell@sohlv.org

Community Engagement:

The Community Engagement team handles public outreach both online and in-person. To increase public knowledge and access to services to better serve our community, with a focus on historically under-served populations.

Gladys G.

(Bilingual – Spanish)
Volunteer and Hotline Manager

Gladys joined the Signs of Hope team in December 2020. Before joining the SOH staff, Gladys was a volunteer with the organization and worked in the Human Resource field.  Using her background in HR, Gladys currently working on SOH’s Volunteer management. Gladys’ primary responsibility is managing the volunteer programs, reviewing volunteer applications, conducting interviews with potential volunteers, completing background checks /drug tests for volunteers who have completed training, running our NACP-accredited training, and conducting community outreach to recruit volunteers and interns.

As part of the Advocacy team, Gladys is can be found answering incoming hotline calls, offering accompaniment to forensic exams (SANE) at the hospital, and providing crisis intervention for walk-in clients. Gladys is also one of the staff members assisting volunteers and clients after-business hours on the 24/7 crisis response hotline.

Contact Gladys: gladys@sohlv.org


Signs of Hope has advocates serving in many different settings, including court, schools, jails and prisons, homeless shelters, and doing phone support and hospital accompaniment.

Wendy L.

(Bilingual – Spanish)

Bilingual Program Manager

Wendy has served in a variety of capacities since joining SOH team in 2009.  In her current role, Wendy oversees all services, programs, and outreach with the Latinx community. She is also very involved in court and criminal justice advocacy efforts and long-term support for victims as they go through the long process after an assault to bring perpetrators to justice. Wendy is passionate about getting critical safety and awareness information out to the Latinx community, in particular serving families dealing with the aftermath of child sexual abuse, and making sure the SOH’s services in Spanish continue to expand.

Contact Wendy: Wendy@sohlv.org

Marissa P.

PREA Services Manager

Marissa joined Signs of Hope in 2021 starting off as a case manager working with the R.I.S.E. team. She is now the PREA services manager and uses her passion and years of experience with the incarcerated population to serve those in need of an advocate. Marissa has her bachelor’s degree in human development with a focus in substance use and is working on her master’s in clinical psychology with a focus in somatic counseling. Her desire and goal is to continue to provide trauma-informed care to those who need it.

Contact Marissa: marissa@sohlv.org

Sindy Ch.

(Bilingual – Spanish)
Client Services Coordinator

Sindy provides advocacy services and support to clients by providing resources, accompanying them in making police reports and assisting them in navigating the court system. Sindy focuses on following up with clients after their SANE exam to assist with various resources such as State and County Victim of Crime applications, counseling resources and accompanying clients and their families to court proceedings. Sindy strives to guide clients in accessing the resources and information needed when getting connected to Signs of Hope.

Contact Sindy: Sindy@sohlv.org

Jazmine R.

Crisis Response Manager

Jazmine joined Signs of Hope in March of 2022! Before joining the SOH team, Jazmine was a volunteer with the organization. Her role is to ensure that victims and survivors of abuse have a safe, confidential place to go to when they need support and resources. She’s primarily responsible for answering incoming hotline calls, offering accompaniment to forensic exams (SANE) at the hospital and providing crisis intervention for walk-in clients. Jazmine also assists clients in applying for victim compensation, accompaniment to police interviews, coordination of emergency shelter, emotional support, educating on victims’ rights, safety planning, assistance with reporting options, referrals to community resources, and coordination of Signs of Hope services, such as individual counseling and support group. Jazmine on-boards new volunteers to get them prepared and setup to be on the hotline – you will also see her on the after-hours hotline assists folks for crisis response.

Contact Jazminejazmine@sohlv.org

Jeanne S.

After Hours Advocate

Jeanne has been with Signs of Hope since June of 2006. She has seen our organization grow and flourish over the years with new, innovative programs all designed to better serve our clients. Jeanne has a BS in Human Services Management and is dedicated to providing all clients with the support and resources they need to assist in their journey toward healing.

Contact Jeanne: jeanne@sohlv.org

Prevention & Education

Sexual violence can be prevented by changing the views and behaviors of young people, through bystander intervention, and through widespread education of children from a young age that empowers them regarding their own body boundaries. Their mission to to offer prevention through education to build healthy relationships and promote responsibility to end violence in all communities by shifting how we value ourselves and each other.

Wayua Barrett

Director of Prevention & Education

Wayua graduated from the University of Reno, Nevada with a degree in psychology and minor in substance abuse. She is currently working on her master’s in social work. She joined Signs of HOPE as a case manager in our anti-human trafficking department in December 2019 and became the Director of Prevention & Education in October 2020. Prior to joining Signs of HOPE, Wayua specialized in working with highly traumatized youth; spending 7+ years working as an advocate for women and children experiencing domestic violence, sexual violence and/or neglect.

Contact Wayua: Wayua@sohlv.org

Tamicka C.

Youth Education Specialist

Tamicka joined SOH in October 2021, embarking on a new role as a Youth Education Specialist. Most of her career has been working as an advocate, case management or doing some form of direct client service. She aspires to inspire which she brings to her role here at SOH which is opening new doors for her as she is in the process of becoming a Certified Advocate. She loves working with the youth and community as it is fulfilling and helps her to learn and grow.

Contact Tamickatamicka@sohlv.org

Jackie G.

Prevention and Education Curriculum Specialist

Jackie was previously a Youth Facilitator in 2019-2020, and then rejoined Signs of HOPE in January of 2022 as the Curriculum Specialist. As the Curriculum Specialist, Jackie develops and refines curriculum for the prevention and education programs. She also assists is giving presentations as needed. Jackie graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from UCLA in 2016.

Contact Jackiejackie@sohlv.org

Debbie H.

Prevention Education Training Facilitator

Debbie is a California native and has lived in Southern Nevada since 2003. From 2003 to 2008, she was Director of Prevent Child Abuse Nevada, providing training on “Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse” to hundreds of community members who work with children. Since then, she has worked at various Clark County nonprofit organizations and continued to serve as a child advocate for over 20 years. As Prevention Education Training Facilitator, she provides education to children on prevention of bullying, stranger abduction, and sexual abuse; and education to adults on child sexual abuse prevention and responding to human trafficking

Contact DebbieDebbie@sohlv.org

R.I.S.E. (Resources and Integration for Survivor Empowerment) Team:

R.I.S.E. is a comprehensive case management program for those that have been impacted by any form of human trafficking. Referrals are taken from Law Enforcement, Medical Professionals, other Service Providers, and community referrals.

Brittany H.

RISE Program Director

Miss Hopballe has been in the business of people, understanding and responding to their needs, for nearly 20 years & has worked with vulnerable and trauma- impacted persons for the later half of her professional career. She is currently the Program Director of R.I.S.E Human Trafficking Victim Services out of Signs of HOPE and Chair of Victim Services on the Southern Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force. Miss Hopballe holds a BA in psychology, is a graduate of the Victim Assistance Academy of Nevada, and credentialed advocate through the National Assistance Academy. Miss Hopballe is a Las Vegas native who has served victims of human trafficking locally & internationally for the past 7 years and is passionate in advocating for change and betterment of all people effected by violence and trauma.

Contact Brittany H.  hbrittany@sohlv.org

Joanna G.

(Bilingual – Spanish)

RISE Client Services Manager

Joanna began working with victims of Human Trafficking as an intern with Seeds of Hope in 2017 and graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice that same year. Joanna continued her dedication to support domestic and foreign national victims of human trafficking by volunteering as hotline advocate with Seeds of Hope for over 2 years. In 2020, Joanna joined Signs of Hope under the R.I.S.E program to continue following her passion for serving the Las Vegas community.

Contact Joanna  Joanna@sohlv.org

Claudia H.

(Bilingual – Spanish)

RISE Case Manager

Claudia joined Signs of Hope at the beginning of 2015 as the Volunteer and Hotline Manager by coordinating the hotline schedule as well as overseeing all aspects of volunteer management. In 2020, Claudia transitioned into the RISE Case Manager role and has been assisting domestic and foreign national victims of human trafficking. Claudia assists human trafficking victims by providing support, referrals and determining both immediate and long-term goals. Claudia obtained a degree in Journalism and Media Studies from UNLV in 2012.

Contact Claudia  claudia@sohlv.org

Brandi W.

RISE Case Manager

Brandi joined Signs of Hope at the beginning of 2022. As a RISE Case Manager, she assists human trafficking victims by providing support, referrals and determining both immediate and long-term goals.

Contact Brandi: brandi@sohlv.org

Luisa A.

(Bilingual- Spanish)

RISE Housing & Employment Specialist

Luisa joined Signs of Hope in September of 2021. Her educational background is in criminal justices, and she obtained her bachelor’s degree from Nevada State College in May of 2021. Before Signs of Hope, Luisa worked at a law firm. She currently assists RISE clients to find housing and employment opportunities.

Contact Luisa:  luisa@sohlv.org

Heather R.

RISE Operations Coordinator

Heather started as a volunteer in 2018, and joined on staff in 2020 as the after hours advocate. In the beginning of 2022, Heather took on a new role as the Operations Coordinator. As the Operations Coordinator she works closely with volunteers and schedules the 24/7 crisis response hotline, and coordinates outreach opportunities with local law enforcement.

Contact Heather:  heather@sohlv.org

Cassie M.

Anti-Human Trafficking & Overdose Prevention Specialist

Caspian “Cassie” Matheus is the Anti-Human Trafficking and Overdose Prevention Specialist with the RISE Program at Signs of Hope. Cassie’s educational background is in sociology, psychology, and criminal justice and she obtained a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Oklahoma in 2017.  Cassie has seven years of extensive experience working in anti-violence work, in different states and agencies.  Her primary focus areas have been working as a victim advocate coordinator and direct service/client provider, with special interest and skills in training, education, and prevention work.
Contact Cassie:  cassie@sohlv.org

Socorro S.

Intern Coordinator

Socorro is the Intern Coordinator for the R.I.S.E program at Signs of Hope supervising bachelor and master level students. Socorro graduated with her Bachelors in Social Work from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2017 and then with her Masters in Social Work from the University of Nevada Reno in 2019. Since 2015, Socorro’s passion and dedication has been to provide direct services to victims of human trafficking beginning with her time at a local nonprofit organization working with commercially sexually exploited children. She then began working with the SEEDS of Hope program in 2017 before transitioning to the R.I.S.E program in 2020. Since then, Socorro has provided support to youth and adult survivors, facilitated the adult survivor support group, and continues to host practicum students.

Contact Socorro:  socorro@sohlv.org

Counseling Center:

We have multiple counselors providing services in English and Spanish and serving clients ages 3 and up who have been impacted by sexual abuse, assault, and human trafficking in our counseling center. Language line services for those speaking other languages are available. 

Patricia C.

(Bilingual – Spanish)

Counseling Center Manager

Patricia joined Signs of Hope team in October 2016. She helps manage the schedules of nine therapist and keeps track of the preferences and availability of our clients. Patricia is dedicated to making all clients at SOH feel comfortable and welcome.

Contact Patricia: Patricia@sohlv.org

Practicing Therapists:

Ashley Martinez, MS, LCPC: Ashley is a Licensed Clinical Professional counselor who has a Masters of Science from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Ashley has over 4 clinical years providing therapeutic services to sexually exploited youth and adults in our community through Signs of Hope. Specialties include treating adolescents, complex trauma, sexual trauma and incorporating EMDR interventions.

Carolina Villar-Mendez, MA, LCPC (Bilingual-Spanish): I joined Signs of Hope in 2019 and I specialize in providing treatment for Spanish speaking, primary and secondary survivors. My main area of focus is helping clients process trauma and alleviate additional concerns including, but not limited to depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, and chronic pain. I tend to use Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) as well as other trauma-informed approaches. My overall goal is to support clients in their healing journey! 

Liz Carrasco, MSW, LCSW (Bilingual-Spanish): Liz earned her Master of Social Work degree (MSW) and her Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice at UNLV. She is also currently a Trauma Psychology PhD student at Northcentral University. Liz is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), and specializes in working with victims of interpersonal violence and trauma. Liz has worked with survivors of power based violence for the past twelve years. Liz’s clinical training includes working with foster care children, adults, youth, mandated clients in the CPS and criminal justice systems, and post-prison re-entry clients.

Gabriela Meraz, MS, LCPC (Bilingual-Spanish): Gaby joined Signs of Hope in 2016. She has a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and has over 14 years of practice in the mental health field. She has experience in crisis management and resolution, depression, anxiety, and trauma working with both adults and adolescents. Her preferred modalities are Trauma- Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and she is a certified clinical trauma professional (CCTP). Her passion is to empower others to be the best version of themselves!

Holly Shank, MS, LCPC

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